In the era of Tolkien revival - during-and-after movies-fame era - it was common apple of discord between fans. Who was the real hero? Frodo, the Ringbearer? Or Sam, who carried him to Mount Doom and saved from Shelob?

Many fans were so sure that Sam was the only hero - diminishing Frodo's efforts and role in destroying the Ring, because of his external exhaust and the way the One influenced him.

I would bury the bone and say that each of them had huge role in destroying the cursed jewel and one would never do without another. They were bound, not only as friends, but also Ringbearers. They both fought with the Ring and won.

Frodo was exposed on the Ring longest time and it made a huge hole in his being, making him unable to mend his wounds. Yet he carried the Ring, all time, not complaining, seeing how much weaker on mind and body it makes him. He went forth, even if he didn't have to, relying on Sam, yes, but it was him, who carried the biggest burden. The Ring blinded him on the Gollum's treachery and almost killed, yet after Sam saved him from orcs, he again took the One and carried it until he could walk no more. If that is not heroism, or courage, then, I don't know what is.

Sam, however, was a different kind of hero. While Frodo was endurance and sacrifice hero, Sam was active hero, who was helping Frodo to fight with the Ring's power and go forth. He was a person Frodo relied on, Sam made his burden lesser, doing truly courageous things. He never left Frodo, even when the clouds above them were at their darkest.

Possibly Sam is often seen as the only hero, because his heroism was better seen, especially in movies. Frodo's courage lied deep inside him. Both were important, brave and only thanks to their both's efforts, their working-as-one, the Ring was destroyed. They both were imporant and both of them should be mentioned as real heroes of the Third Age.